Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

SARK is a seamless way to perform all the transnational operations through the most advanced digital means like SARK Prepaid cards and Gift cards.

Rewarding employees for their achievements is essential to boost motivation, foster a healthy and competitive work environment and improve retention. SARK Corporate Solution provides a comprehensive payment solution for corporate companies to manage effective payments related to valuable incentives, instant rewards, loyalty, and recognition. SARK Rewards Platform is an easy to use system to manage your employee and channel partner reward programs from a single integrated platform. Corporate Solution Cards are considered to be the most advantageous payment option for sales and incentive payments by beneficiaries. It reduces cost, increases operational efficiency, and provides a uniquely user-friendly experience. In addition, there is an urgent need to change the behavior of people from physical cash to digital payment methods. The perfect branding option for corporate payments is with online MasterCard, Visa or RuPay cards. It can be used in over one million retail outlets that accept MasterCard / Visa / RuPay services nationwide, including in-store purchases and online shopping portals.

Corporate Solutions Cards offers by SARK :

✓ Pay Direct Card
✓ Prepaid Card
✓ Gift Card
✓ Indian Rupee Travel Card
✓ Reimbursement Card

Employer Benefits
✓ Hassle-free fulfillment process for Rewards & Recognition
✓ Employer Retention Incentives
✓ Reduction of overheads
✓ Easier reimbursement by the employer
✓ Access to discount vouchers

Key Features
✓ Retention
✓ Order Customizes Cards
✓ One Solution for Multiple Occasions
✓ Set your Budget

Card Association
SARK Solution Cards are network branded and issued in alliance with Visa as well as MasterCard

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